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Jeffrey Morris

Director / Principal Underwater Scientist

Mr. Morris is currently the Director of AzulMar Research, LLC and GeoMar Research, LLC.   

Mr. Morris is an expert in the field of marine remote sensing and has spent his career applying marine remote sensing equipment and techniques to the problem of locating, mapping, documenting, and investigating man-made objects in water depths to 20,0000.  Over the last 13 years he as accumulated in excess of 1500 days at sea and participated in hundreds of projects.

After completing the course work for a Masters Degree in Maritime History and Nautical Archaeology Mr. Morris began his professional career in 1994 working as an office manager, maritime historian and archaeologist for Tidewater Atlantic Research, Inc.  While there, he directed and participated in 28 underwater and terrestrial historic resource projects.  On those projects he served in a variety of roles and was responsible for remote sensing survey, historic research, data analysis and fusion, and report preparation as well as diving operations and archaeological mapping. 

In 1998, Mr. Morris accepted a position with the US Navy as a Senior Data Analyst.   In that position he was involved in the collection, analysis, reporting, briefing, and end product development of advanced sensor data.  As a result of his at-sea experience, Mr. Morris also began playing an ever increasing role in the development of new programs projects, and systems.  During his career with the US Government, Mr. Morris also began serving as an independent contractor on numerous projects for several other clients including East Carolina University, Nauticos Corporation, and the Maryland Historic Trust’s Maryland Maritime Archaeological Program (MMAP).   An example of one such project was Nauticos Corporation’s 1999 search for and discovery of Kaga, a WWII Japanese aircraft carrier lost during the battle of Midway in 17,800 feet of water, which was the focus of a Discovery Channel documentary entitled The Search for the Japanese Fleet. 

In 2003, Mr. Morris formed his own corporations to enable him to better serve his client’s needs and expand his opportunities for professional development.   Mr. Morris currently serves as the Owner, Director, Business Manager, and Principal Scientist of both AzulMar Research, LLC and GeoMar Research, LLC.  AzulMar Research focus’s on commercial and government work related to the deep ocean while GeoMar Research focuses on shallow water maritime archaeological projects.  

Mr. Morris resides in Maryland with his wife and four children where he enjoys sailing, skiing, off-road motorcycles, and woodworking in his spare time.


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Jeffrey Morris

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