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Susan Morris

Operations Technician

As a field technician, Ms. Morris is part of the operations team responsible for installation, deployment, and maintenance of equipment used for search missions.  She has experience with navigation software, sonar data acquisition software, analysis, and data post processing. 

During Ms. Morris’ first two years with Nauticos Corporation starting in 1997 she was responsible for computers, networking, and LAN systems.  She is able to use this knowledge at sea, where she sets up networks for sonar systems and data post processing needed to run an operation. 

In 1999 with Nauticos, Ms. Morris assisted with technical and logistics support of both the DAKAR and Midway projects. 

In March and again in June 2002, volunteering her time with the Maryland Historic Trust, using a Marine Sonics 1200-kHz side scan sonar system, Ms. Morris worked on a shallow water archaeological investigation, which located and documented a vessel from the war of 1812. 

In the Fall of 2001 Nauticos was hired by a commercial customer to search for a lost work class ROV in the Gulf of Mexico.  Ms. Morris went to sea as part of the successful search team.  She installed topside computers and integrated them with the ship’s systems, assisted in launch and recovery of NOMAD, and maintained the sonar equipment.  NOMAD’s deep tow Klein 2000 dual frequency side scan sonar system and ISIS sonar data acquisition and processing software was used for this operation.

In the Spring of 2002, Ms. Morris, participated in Nauticos’ search for Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra.  In the months prior to mobilization, Ms. Morris helped integrate Kongsberg Simrad cameras, Deep Sea Power & Light systems, HMI lighting and other sensors with NOMAD.  While at sea, she was responsible for the daily maintenance and troubleshooting of NOMAD and the handling system, as well as the launch and recovery of the vehicle.  She participated in all facets of the survey operation utilizing NOMAD, ISIS, Kongsberg Simrad MS-1000 sonar system, and Nauticos proprietary navigation software. 

In April of 2003, Ms. Morris provided navigation, magnetic and sonar data acquisition as well as data processing for the Prospect Bay Survey for the Maryland Historic Trust, State of Maryland.  Survey employed Hypack Max, hydrographic survey software, Geometrics G-881 marine cesium magnetometer, and  EGG side scan sonar system. 

In the Spring and Summer of 2004, Ms Morris working again with the Maryland Historic Trust participated in a survey locating another vessel lost during the war of 1812 using the same instruments as the Prospect Bay Survey. 

In the fall of 2004 working for Oceaneering International, Ms Morris spent 4 weeks in the East China Sea performing an oceanographic survey with the Naval Oceanographic Office.  Her team was responsible for side scan sonar and sub bottom data collection using NOMAD as well as operating and maintaining the companion handling system.

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